Strategy for Baccarat

As with any game, there is a strategy that should be applied to baccarat, and it is best that players understand this strategy before playing with their money. Having a strategy and applying it consistently is the best way to improve your understanding of the game, win money while playing, and ensure you are fully engaged and having fun!

Common Strategies

Some will suggest card counting in order to understand how you should be progressing with baccarat and betting. Though this may be possible over the short term, card counting is frowned upon and may have you removed from the game. Also, casinos have a "shoe" of about 8 decks of cards ready to be pulled and used. This will discount the ability of people to count cards. Though to some degree you may have an idea of what is no longer in play, remember that this strategy is tenuous at best. Many long time players instead employ the use of the 1-3-2-6 system.

What is the 1-3-2-6 System?

This system allows people to make a large win on a very little investment. The strategy is right in the name. The first bet you make will be one unit, and if you win, the second one will be three. As you win, you continue through the two and six betting unit options, so if the unit is $1 for the table, you are betting $1, $3, $2 and then $6, respectively. If you lose the bet, you will instead start to deduct the amount of the bets you place. This betting system allows you to minimize the risk of severe losses while hoping to stay above and earn some money.

Remember to try to keep the betting in mind when you begin playing baccarat. A betting strategy is a must, particularly when you are first beginning. Stay on track, keep focused and good luck!