Important Advanced Blackjack Rules for Playing Online

Most players who are even vaguely familiar with the rules of blackjack know that they want to beat the dealer with the highest hand without going over 21. They know they can hit or stand to get there. What they may not know are some of the important advanced blackjack rules including options to double down, split, and buy insurance. In order to succeed at online blackjack, players must understand and use these advanced blackjack moves.


One of the most useful advanced blackjack rules is the one governing the option to split hands. In this move, players can take a hand with two equal values and split them into two separate hands. The player must double the bet to do so, but then he or she may play the hands as entirely separate. This advanced blackjack move is especially useful when players are dealt two aces on their first hand. Aces are never useful together, but separately they can both quickly turn into natural blackjacks.

Doubling Down

Another advanced blackjack technique involves doubling down. Players can double their bet if they commit to receiving one extra card. This technique is difficult to pull off and is best used when a player has a fairly good idea of the balance of the deck. If there are a number of high cards left in the deck and the player already has a high value hand, doubling down can cause him or her to go bust. Only players who know how to use the technique correctly should attempt it.

Players also have the option of buying insurance. Though this is one of the rarer advanced blackjack rules, some online casinos do offer it, so players should check the rules before attempting to use the technique.